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Restock Updates

The next restock is scheduled for Friday, December 6th at 7:00pm CST 

  • To keep everything running smoothly in our busy little studio, pre-orders, wholesale orders and custom orders are not available. 
  • A full restock preview album is posted below a few days before each restock
  • If you haven't participated in a Sublime Pottery restock, be sure to look over the INFO & TIPS
  • Mugs generally range from around $60-130, depending on glaze complexity. Each item is individually numbered in the preview. The item description is the same as the restock listing title.
  • Each glaze combo has a category letter next to the item number that indicates general pricing for mugs.
A: $100+
B: $ 90+
C: $ 80+
D: $ 70+
E: $ 60+
F: $ 50+
G: $ 40+
H: $30+

  • Restock pieces may be marked: TOP SHELF, ODDBALL,  MISFIT and TOP SHELF MISFIT
    • TOP SHELF pieces are special with particularly beautiful, flawless glazing on a perfectly balanced form.  20% - 30% more.
    • TOP SHELF MISFIT pieces are almost perfect in every way except for one very small cosmetic quirk.  No price change
    • ODDBALLS are pieces that has glazing that doesn't match with the quality standards set for that combo. 10% - 30% off.  
    • MISFITS are pieces that have a cosmetic flaw, such as a glaze drip that needed to be smoothed out or thin spots in the glaze.10% - 30% off.  
  • At restock time, a few favorite pieces may be auctioned off on Ebay for 24 hours. These will be posted at the end of the restock album.


11/23 Restock:  

Hover the cursor over (or gently tap on) the photo to see the item description (descriptions will be completed by the Thursday afternoon before a restock).