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Restock Updates

Sublime Pottery focuses exclusively on small batch, ready-to-ship artisan pottery - shipped worldwide -  that is available during our scheduled restocks, which happen every couple of weeks. 

We are currently finishing our new studio build and are preparing to get it up and running soon! Our next restock - on our shop page - is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd at 7:00 pm CDT

Read on for more information about how we offer our Sublime Pottery: 

  • To keep everything running smoothly in our busy little studio, pre-orders, wholesale orders and custom orders are not available. I an not able to make exceptions. 
  • A full restock preview album is posted below a few days before each restock. 
  • Mugs generally range from around $60-130, depending on glaze complexity. Cups and bowls average $30-60. More detailed info is on the INFO+TIPS page
  • If you are interested in participating in your first Sublime Pottery restock, be sure to look over the INFO+TIPS, since restocks tend to move quickly. 

09/22 RESTOCK:  

(if you have come to this page through a third party site and cannot see the photo album below, open the page in a web browser)

New photos are added a few days before a restock and descriptions will be completed by 24 hours before a restock. Click on the photo to see the item description. The letter in the photo description indicates general pricing: A: $100+ B: $90+ C: 80+ D: $70+ E: $60+ F: $50+ G: $40+ H: $30+.