Restock Updates

Sublime Pottery focuses exclusively on small batch, ready-to-ship artisan pottery - shipped worldwide - that is only available during our scheduled restocks, which happen every couple of weeks.

Our next restock - on our shop page - is Friday, June 14th at 7pm CDT!

Read on for more information about how we offer our Sublime Pottery:

  • A full restock preview album is posted below a few days before each restock.
  • Mugs generally range from around $60-130, depending on glaze complexity. Cups and bowls average $40-100. Pieces marked ODDBALLS or MISFITS are discounted while TOP SHELF pieces have a *chef’s kiss* quality and are priced higher. 
  • To keep everything running smoothly in our busy little studio, pre-orders, wholesale orders and custom orders are not available. I am not able to make exceptions.

06/01 Restock 

(if you have come to this page through a third party site and cannot see the photo album below, open the page in a web browser)

New photos are added a few days before a restock and descriptions will be completed by 24 hours before a restock. Click on the photo to see the item description.

The letter in the photo description indicates general pricing: A: $100+ B: $90+ C: 80+ D: $70+ E: $60+ F: $50+ G: $40+ H: $30+ I: $20+ J $19 and under.