Restock Updates

There may be a few pieces available from the June 14th Etsy restock. Our next restock is Friday, June 29th at 12pm CDT (-5:00 GMT) on the Sublime Pottery Etsy page.. Custom, wholesale, and presale orders are not available. 

  • A full restock preview album is posted below a few days before each restock
  • If you haven't participated in a Sublime Pottery restock, be sure to look over the INFO & TIPS
  • Mugs range from around $60-130, depending on glaze complexity. Each item is individually numbered in the preview. The item description is the same as the restock listing title.
  • Each glaze combo has a category letter next to the item number that indicates general pricing for mugs.
A: $100+
B: $ 90+
C: $ 80+
D: $ 70+
E: $ 60+
F: $ 50+
G: $ 40+

  • Some of the pieces may be marked: TOP SHELF, ODDBALL, MISFIT, and TOP SHELF MISFIT.
    • TOP SHELF pieces are unusually beautiful glazing and a particularly lovely, balanced form. These will be 20-30% more 
    • ODDBALLS are pieces that has glazing that doesn't match with the quality standards set for that combo and are 10-25% off
    • MISFITS are pieces that have a cosmetic flaw, such as a glaze drip that needed to be smoothed out. These will be 10-25% off
    • TOP SHELF MISFITS: these would have been TOP SHELF except for a single small MISFIT quirk. No discount. No premium price.
  • On restock day, I auction off a few favorite pieces on Ebay  for 24 hours. These are the last four pieces in the restock album.




Hover the cursor over (or gently tap on) the photo to see the item description (descriptions will be completed by Thursday afternoon).