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Restock Info & Tips

Sublime Pottery focuses exclusively on small batch, ready-to-ship artisan pottery - shipped worldwide -  that is only available during our scheduled restocks on our shop page, which happen every couple of weeks. To keep everything running smoothly in our busy little studio, pre-orders, wholesale orders and custom orders are not available.

Details of our next restock is posted on the UPDATES page.

Restock Tips:

The first ten minutes of a restock can move quickly, so here is some helpful information if you are planning to participate:

  • A full preview album is posted on the UPDATES page.  The photo description is the same as the restock listing title. Descriptions will be completed by the day before a restock. To save time during the restock, copy the title numbers of the pieces you are interested in purchasing for quick reference. 
  • If you already have an account, log in earlier than the scheduled restock time and make sure your account info is correct. Setting up an account  before or during your first transaction will speed up the checkout process during future restocks. Set up an account by clicking on the person icon next to the search icon at the top of the page.
  • Once the scheduled restock time is nearing, go to the shop page and continue to refresh the page until you see the new listings.
  • If you are wanting to buy multiple items within the first few minutes of a restock going live, get your favorite and go back for more. The moment you add an item to the cart, go ahead and check out. An item may not be secure until the checkout process is complete. Shipping overages will be refunded once your order is packed and weighed.
  • Once you have made your purchase, go back and look over the listing closely so you are not surprised when your piece arrives. You can get to your listing from the order confirmation email or by typing the listing name in the webssearch bar.  If you change your mind, let me know promptly and I will cancel your order before it is shipped out, which could be as early as the next day.

Restock Info:

Mugs generally range from $60-130, depending on glaze complexity. Cups and bowls average $30-60  

  • A full preview album of around thirty pieces is posted on the UPDATES page a few days before every restock.  The letter in the item (photo) description indicates general pricing: A: $100+ B: $90+ C: 80+ D: $70+ E: $60+ F: $50+ G: $40+ H: $30+.
  •  Pieces may be marked: MISFIT, ODDBALL TOP SHELF and TOP SHELF MISFIT. 
  • MISFITS are pieces that have a cosmetic flaw, such as a glaze drip that needed to be smoothed out or thin spots in the glaze.10% - 30% off.
  • ODDBALLS are pieces that have a quirk, like an asymmetrical rim, or glazing that doesn't match with the quality standards set for that combo. 10% - 30% off. 
  • TOP SHELF pieces are special with particularly beautiful, flawless glazing on a perfectly balanced form. 20% - 30% more.
  • TOP SHELF MISFIT pieces are almost perfect in every way except for one very small cosmetic quirk. No price change 

    NOTE: Due to pandemic restrictions, International shipping may take much longer for packages to be cleared through Customs agencies.