Caring For Your Sublime Pottery

Although Sublime Pottery is durable and made with materials that are dishwasher and microwave safe, they are also works of art that should be treated with care. The following recommendations are encouraged for all handmade pottery that you want to keep 'healthy' for generations.

  • Avoid leaving pottery soaking in a sink of water, which will seep into any exposed clay. If a piece - that has trapped water in it - is microwaved, it may crack.
  • If using the dishwasher, be careful while loading/unloading to avoid chipping the rim of your pottery piece. Prolonged dishwasher use may eventually dull the sheen.  
  • Occasionally, ceramics can fracture from thermal shock, especially if the mug is cold to the touch. To avoid this possibility, fill your cup or mug with hot tap water and warm it up for a minute before adding boiling water. NOTE: we test every mug that goes out by adding near-boiling water to an unheated mug and letting it sit for an hour, to check for hidden weakness.

If handled properly, these pieces are intended to last many lifetimes, like treasured family heirlooms.