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SPECS: Either a 4x4x2 inch box or a 3x3x4 inch box with a weight of about 6 oz. 

It may be an oddball. Maybe it's a minor misfit. Perhaps it's an oldie. Whatever it is, it will be something not currently available for purchase in this restock. The 'box' will include 1-3 small items that will exceed a $20.00 value. Perfect for stocking stuffers or a little treat for yourself.


~This piece was photographed in a photo booth with full spectrum lighting and may look different in different lighting conditions. 


~Made on the wheel with Laguna B-Mix clay and food safe glazes. 


~Although, technically, my pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, we do not recommend it since they are works of art that should be treated with care. The dishwasher may, over time, dull the sheen of the glaze. As with any handmade pottery, avoid leaving it in a sink of water, which will seep into any exposed clay. If a piece that has water in it is microwaved, it may crack. Although it is a rare occurrence, ceramics can fracture from thermal shock. To avoid this possibility, fill your cup or mug with hot tap water as you are heating your tea water to warm the mug before adding boiling water. If handled properly, these pieces are intended to last many lifetimes, like treasured family heirlooms. We recommend hand washing your pieces and avoiding the microwave.


If your package is being shipped internationally, you may have additional customs fees, duties or value added taxes added to your shipping cost and may require a package to be picked up at a nearby post office. Be sure to keep a close eye on your order tracking. It might be helpful to find an online ‘import taxes calculator’ for your country’s customs agency to get an idea of any possible added costs. Use the HS code 691200. Some countries charge up to 20% tax of a packages value. If the fees are too costly and you wish to cancel your order, please let me know within 36 hours.