Member's Club

Sublime pottery has recently started a Patreon member's club!  Here are some of the perks members have access to:


  • Multiple monthly giveaways (various tiers)

  • Sublime Self Care tips, activities & videos to Make Every Day Sublime (all tiers)
  • Exclusive access to fresh experimental pieces, before they turn into these (2nd & 3rd tier)

  • FLASH 'Glaze This' special order opportunities on unglazed pieces that haven't been earmarked for a glaze combo, as well as a monthly "Glaze This' special order drawing, with multiple options to choose from, some being offerings not typically seen in our public restocks (3rd tier)


  • A tiny mystery goodie in every order package: a little ring dish, a miniature vessel, a coaster or magnet.  WHO KNOWS! (3rd tier)


Sublime Pottery is currently occupying a very small office suite in the back of my husband's Sublime Signs shop. No windows. Fluorescent office lights. Not exactly the most inspiring space to create inspiring pottery. The Patreon member's club was started to help us raise the money to build a proper studio on the little country acreage my family has recently moved to. I can only imagine the amazing things that could be created in a proper studio on our little patch of paradise. 


Learn more about our three patronage tiers and their perks