30 Days of Sublime Reminders free pdf

During quarantine, I got into a bad morning habit of endlessly scrolling TikTok while I drank my morning coffee.  At that time, it was just what I needed.  But four years later...well, it's time to evolve. I've been watching uplifting Youtube videos, as of late, but I needed to carve out some tech free time.  So I made a list of little reflections and reminders and inspirations, cut each one into a little strip and put it in a bowl on the table next to my cozy corner.  About three days into this morning routine, I decided to share this lovely ritual with anyone who would like to set up their day with some mindful intention. 

Just find a lovely little dish, like these bowls, then print out and cut up the reminders into strips and pick one!

Download the 30 Days of Sublime Reminders HERE