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Valentines Self Love Clay+Meditation+Journaling Workshop
Valentines Self Love Clay+Meditation+Journaling Workshop
Valentines Self Love Clay+Meditation+Journaling Workshop
Valentines Self Love Clay+Meditation+Journaling Workshop
Valentines Self Love Clay+Meditation+Journaling Workshop

Valentines Self Love Clay+Meditation+Journaling Workshop

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***Early Bird price available until January 30th. After that, the price is $33***

WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 12th * 1-3pm CST 

(replay available for participants for 30 days)

WHERE: online on Zoom 

We hear how important it is to practice Self Love…but what does that really mean?  Join me in this 2 hour online workshop where I will guide you - through the use of guided meditation, intuitive claywork and prompted journaling - to explore on a deeper level what Self Love means for you and how to offer a deeper love to yourself in simple ways in your daily life.

If you are not able to participate in the live class, a replay will be available for participants for 30 days


All you need for this class is: 

  • clay/air dry clay
  • a notebook and markers or a couple of pens
  • a willingness to explore, no art experience needed

Focus of class:

  • deep grounding with meditative clay introduction
  • give shape to inner feminine and masculine aspects with clay and guided meditation
  • explore ways to bring masculine/feminine & mind/body into union
  • mind/body communication and connection using transformative journaling technique

All of these tools can be used beyond the class.


An 11 page pdf with information on:

* how to set up a comfortable and comforting space for engaging in meaningful creative play in preparation for the class and beyond

* how to create a SELF LOVE ‘sensory kit’ that you can use any time you desire to connect with the Self Love insights that you explored during the workshop

* ways to use your creations to deepen your Self Love connection.

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If you do not have access to earthen clay from a local ceramic supply store, ‘air dry clay’ is easy to come by at craft stores and some of the larger discount stores, or on Amazon, like this:

Crayola brand 2.5 lbs


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you should receive an email with a link to download the pdf. Be sure to check your spam or promotions folders if you do not see the email.


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Amanda Joy Wells has been a mixed media art instructor for twenty five years and has lead private, public and business team building workshops and creativity classes for over a decade.  She is a certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts facilitator and the creator of Sublime Pottery.


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Read what others have to say about this workshop:


“I have played and sculpted with clay before doing the workshop with Amanda.  However, I have never “FELT” the clay this way.  It was incredible to connect with the material and remember that clay is earth first and foremost.  That reminder was powerful.  I felt guided throughout the process and had my eyes closed most of the time.  When I touched the clay, it was intuitive and a process of letting go and trusting, just like everyday life.  I highly recommend her workshop, that philosophy can be applied in so many other ways!  Thank you Amanda for facilitating this workshop and making space for vulnerability and heart.”

  • Alexandra Aristera

For anyone who is considering this workshop, you need to make it a priority.  Amanda Joy is an amazing presenter and you don’t want to miss her wonderful guided meditation.  Not to mention the clay work.  Awesome workshop accessing insight and the flow is remarkable weaving and integrating the work it was truly MAGIC.

  • Vicki Muir, LCSW


“I loved Amanda’s workshop!  Under her expert and gentle guidance, it was a very powerful activity.  The intuitive pieces I created had so much to say to me.  Amazing experience!

  • Claire Perkins